WSU Volume 1 Outtake 1

Ehhh…this one is kind of boring. Btw, why are you guys always awake for this post? Are you in a different time zone? Cuz I always release chapters around midnight…

Anyway, we come back to Nord. I’m so hyped for the new character tho *squeals*

Next time I’ll only release these extra chapters with a real chapter, so things will be more exciting. I’m not prepared this time.

Outtake 1


12 thoughts on “WSU Volume 1 Outtake 1

          1. Normally when reading chapters, I break (kaputt) the chapter itself, typos or not, if I feel like something is missing, I re-read the sentence I read (or two sentences back).

            I’ve read so many typo filled translations and originals that my mind just goes “nope, just going to fix that for ya and let ya move on” most of the time, but sometimes it just stops on a word.

            I mean, one time, the author hid a url within the typos and it flew right past me…


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