WSU Volume 2 Chapter 18: The Hero and the Reunion (part 4)

Editor: Potatos, Skoll

The Uncle and the Reunion (part 4)

The rain pattered down on the earth. As the entire world was filled with dense lines of rain.

The rain fell on tree leaves which couldn’t bear the load. The leaves slanted slightly, and the freshwater flowed to the ground.

I sloppily wiped off my face, but it was no use. In the blink of an eye, my face had already been soaked by the rain.

When it rains, sometimes hiding underneath a tree will make you more wet, because the rain drops converge and become even bigger droplets.

Jumping off tree branches, leaping high. It was just like flying.

But in the end, I was not a free bird.

Because of the downpour, I couldn’t see the sunrise. I had no idea what time it was.

All I could do was rush forward with my greatest speed to my goal.

This was the first time I had used “Little Miracle” so many times to offset low magic power, so I didn’t really know what I was feeling. Ordinarily, to senselessly gain such magic, there would be a certain price to pay.

That time, it suddenly started to rain.

I pulled out my spear from the ground.

At that time, I was temporarily unsatisfied.

I was dissatisfied with that expression.

From the bottom of their heart, accepting death, wearing a miserable smile.

I believed that executioners didn’t have the qualifications to show that kind of expression.

The first time I saw that expression was when I was little.

My father was the village teacher. He wore gold-rimmed glasses, and he was educated and tidy, gentle and elegant.

My mother was an ordinary village girl who knew how to weave and cook, but was illiterate.

My impression of them was very fuzzy.

I only remembered their warm smiles; perhaps that was the reason why I liked Ailee later.

When I was six years old, they were sentenced to death.

Their sin was sheltering a demon.

A month prior, my parents had found a Forest kind boy at their door, just five to six years old. HIs clothes were full of holes, and he was covered in wounds. I didn’t know that he was demon, so I pulled at my father’s pants and pleaded him to save him.

Father fiercely shrugged off my hand. In my impression, he rarely angered.

But at that time, he slapped my face and shut the wooden door.

However, after a few hours, my father and mother decided to take him in.

Because his expression was really too pitiable. He was like a heavily wounded baby animal.

He and I became good friends, and we would play together every day.

A month later, I didn’t know how the information was leaked, but we were found out by an inspection official.

I was barred from going forward by metal spears stuck in the ground, and I shouted out desperately.

He sent me a final gaze, and then I felt like my chest was pierced through.

The demon was sentenced on the spot soon after, and my parents were sentenced to death.

The tall wooden platform held the shiny guillotine. With both hands bound, my father and mother walked to the stage with slow and heavy steps.

I stood at the very front of the crowd, not knowing what was going on.

Everybody’s eyes were very scary, like they wanted to swallow my mother and father whole.

A vile hatred bubbled forth in me standing there.

At that time, I was still small. I couldn’t understand why they were taken from me in such a humiliating fashion, and I didn’t understand what my father and mother’s death would mean for me.

I only trembled, trembled from the depth of my heart.

In the crowd, I raised my unsettled gaze to my father and mother standing in front of the guillotine.

I saw my parents wearing smiles.

Their eyes narrowed, corners of their mouths upturned.

But their brows were lowered in gloom.

In that kind of heart-breaking situation, smiles that accepted their fortune.

Then, at that time, I smiled.

I believed my parents were fine, I believed that they were happy, I believed that this was just a show.

So I smiled. Using a smile to respond to a smile was the common courtesy my father taught me.

So , I smiled as I watched Father and Mother lower their head and die.

I smiled, up until their heads rolled on the ground.

I was still smiling as unfathomable tears rolled down.

I didn’t hate this world; I just hated the demon.

I hated that demon with shabby clothing that so pitiably appeared at our door, the demon that my parents saved.

So I wanted to expel all of them.

I would become a hero, a hero that would protect everything.

So I entered the Expedition Regiment.

I vowed that from now on, I wouldn’t allow anyone to show the kind of expression that my father wore at their deaths.

But when I was vanquishing Scampelier, I suddenly woke up.

Even if she wore that expression, I couldn’t so easily forgive her.

I pulled out my steel spear from the ground, and another burst of rain poured down harshly.

I used the Fast Pierce Style to thrust countless times. Combined with my outstanding speed, Scampelier’s surroundings were soon filled with the afterimages of the spear.

But the spear never delivered a fatal blow, and was obstructed by a clang.

I exerted all my effort, not caring at all for the speed of magic consumption.

I needed to defeat her.

To defeat her……

But when I was unleashing another torrent of attacks, I discovered a slight abnormality.

I could finally cross swords firmly together with Scampelier, and the sickle and spear would come in contact.

But she kept transmitting to me an eternal loneliness.

It wasn’t the stench of blood of an executioner, but rather a simple loneliness.

After this moment, my train of thought headed in a strange direction.

Why was I fighting with Scampelier?

Because she killed countless of people, because she was a vile monster. Demons were the embodiment of evil, and I was a hero.

But those were just ideas that humans have put in me.

Up until now, I had killed countless demons. From low ranking ones without intelligence, to those with intelligence, demons living together. I have killed innumerable demons, so many that I can’t even count them. Every time we went on expedition it was like a party because we were the invincible, the unbeatable First Division.

All that things that I had done, was it any different from a massacre in the demons’ eyes?

“You and I are just as pitiful.”

When I thought of those words again, I understood how lonely Scampelier was.

At that moment, I wavered.

The justice I had believed in had collapsed.

So I let Scampelier send me flying and dropped my spear.

I let her use the last of her magic to warp space and escape.

Because the me at that time felt like I had no qualifications to punish her.

Of course, this was just my sense of righteousness. At that time, I did what I believed was right, but right now it looks like a mistake.

If I were the only person in the battle, letting Scampelier go would leave me with no regrets.

But with three hundred teammates sacrificed prior to this, this reasoning can’t stand.

On this world, all people harbor their own sense of what is right, and everyone has things they believe they should do.

So how do you distinguish that what you’ve done is right or not?

It’s very simple. There is no right thing to lay down your life for.



48 thoughts on “WSU Volume 2 Chapter 18: The Hero and the Reunion (part 4)

  1. Like a dog without a bone
    An actor out on loan
    There’s a killer on the road
    His brain is squirmin’ like a toad
    Take a long holiday
    Let your children play
    If ya give this man a ride
    Sweet family will die
    Killer on the road
    Riders on the storm


          1. Mine was random playlist consist of soul rap, classic rock, and rock.

            And its awfully fit with Leon problematic and fitful of both his background and action.
            All I feel about him is just pity, i guess, like looking at dead cat at the road side

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  2. this arc is terrible. amazing how little sympathy or interest it manages to elicit in me. at this point, reading this is like watching a train wreck… i doubt the author will be able to salvage this no matter in which direction it heads eventually. it’s gonna be trope-y, cliche and terrible no matter what. so disappointing.


  3. If I hated Leon before now I can’t do that, I just feel pity for him to realize that in such a manner, and place is just sad. I really hope he gains some kind of peace out of his endevour.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Did he do that? I don’t remember reading he did that. I vaguely remember something, but I thought it was the other guy (magic explosion guy)…


  4. Now I do sympathize with him. What happened during that fight was him waking up from brainwashing… And since his so-called companions couldn’t match up to their actual enemy, they placed all the blame on him so they could say it wasn’t their fault… How weak. 😦

    By the way, shouldn’t it have been “Hero” in the title, instead of “Uncle”? The first three parts were “Hero” after all… 😅


    1. 300 hundred people died to take it down and you blame the survivers for beeing angry with the bastard that made the death of their friends meaningless. THATS weak. Especially since thanks to him, that thing kept killing.


      1. And how many thousands of intelligent people had those 300 already killed? He came to the sudden, completely unexpected (to him) conclusion that he was EXACTLY the same as his opponent, and it almost literally killed him. And I disagree that his failure made the sacrifice of the others meaningless… because it was a meaningless sacrifice to begin with.

        Let me ask you this: if Leon fought with everything he had, but died from being stabbed in the throat by her final attack, would you still call him weak? No, you’d just say he lost, right? Well, at the end of the fight, he took a mental attack he didn’t expect, and it completely disabled him. He’s not weak; he just lost, that’s all.

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  5. I feel pity because his sense of rigth and wrong got messed up by the system that they live, the fact that people are senteced to death with out trial for giving shelter to demons, the fact that they would commit the same act that they blame the demons for and justyfied it. It is a somehow broken system and when is conveniente they just throw away their own reason to clean up their mess.

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  6. Oh, I just got back from my sweet, sweet vacation to some beautiful beaches and coral reefs and what I got is some terribly sad background. I don’t know whether happy or not. I’m happy able to binge read several chapters at once, but the story was just too sad… So now I’m confused lol

    Thank you for the chapters. I wish uncle came back soon, Leon is just too dark!


  7. Ty for translating so far, though gotta admit that I’m really debating if I want to read further or dropping the novel completely. I see a lot of people are either fed up with emo-hero or defending/pitying him but I’m in a different camp, I simply detest the existence of him to begin with in the story. The reason is simple for me: I came here for a slice of life story about a man aiming to be the world’s best blacksmith, with the added benefit that he happens to be strong as well. I did NOT want this story to turn into a random fighting story, if I wanted that I’d read many of the tons of other stories out there, I came here for a crafting story. The hero existing is completely ruining the story for me, I’d rather the mc had his own body from the start of the story. From the looks of things, even if/when he settles this body situation, from the looks of things there’s STILL going to be lots of fighting in the future due to drama from demons and the heroes that were keeping tabs on him, which is going to make this meh for me… ah well I’ll try for a bit more but will probably drop, not much I can do anyway lol, to each their own but severely disappointed since I thought I’d finally found a decent blacksmith novel. on a final note, two things: 1) did nobody notice that he met the principal a few chapters back? Unless somebody commented and I didn’t see it, but yeah, old lady and same last name, so he met her and she hates Leon so that oughtta be interesting in the future lol… 2) For the translations, please stop with the name changes if possible, you’ve done this several times and if you’re going to change names don’t do it half-assed, go back to previous chapters and change them all. When we get used to one thing then one chapter you’re like “k now it’s this” it’s really jarring and annoying. Thanks for your time, sorry for the rant, mostly my disappointment and frustration isn’t aimed at you though but the author.


  8. I dont know if its because of whiny, emo, idiot hero but I feel that this arc is just poorly written. I am no stranger to tragedy but this draws no emotion from me other than boredom. I find myself just skimming through it unconsciously.

    But truly, this hero is an idiot. He went through his ENTIRE military career without realize the truth about war? And he only ‘woke up’ after fighting the ‘big bad’ of the demon army? Either the author is intentionally making the dumbest tragic hero or he/she doesnt know how to make a tragic hero.


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