WSU Volume 2 Chapter 20: The Hero and the Reunion (part 6)

Editor: Skoll, Potatos

The Hero and the Reunion (part 6)

The crowd dispersed.

One by one, everyone left me.

“Such a strange person.”

“He must have went crazy from wanting to meet the princess.”

“He probably has a mental problem.”

“From that appearance, I don’t know what kind of mud pool he’s been rolling around in. No different from a wild pig.”

“I can’t imagine how this kind of person lives.”

Additionally, the people that had been dirtied by me when I rubbed up against them violently punched me when they walked past.

But I did not respond at all.

The rain still fell.

In the end, it was still like this?

Actually, everyone had situations like this right? Enduring the rain to buy something or go to work, in the end finding out it had been a useless errand.

With the thought of “It will be fine next time”, they would go back slowly with their umbrellas, unable to help trudging home with heavy hearts.

But right now, my feelings were a bit heavier than that.

Because I had no way of meeting Ailee.

I looked at the lines of rain pounding the ground, bursting into tiny water droplets.

Finally, in the whole street, the only one left was me.

I didn’t know what I should do, didn’t know what I could do.

I only wanted to stay here for another moment. Just a bit more will do.

I could sense that Ailee was once here.

I could sense her aura.

It was probably my misperception, but since I missed her for so long, I felt like I could sense her even if I couldn’t see her.

I laughed loudly.

I had always felt strange about myself.

Whenever I felt extreme grief, I would always smile.

Maybe it’s the repercussions of when I smiled when my parents died.

I kneeled on the ground lost in thought. With the faint thunder, the rain poured down.

Seeming like it was responding to me, the downpour suddenly  strengthened.



So it was like this.

So the world was not willing to let me go?

It gave me hope, and then made me despair. Made me run around working hard like a fool.

I think that someone works hard for someone else because they actually just want to comfort themselves.

I couldn’t obtain that kind of comfort.

Because I am–

A sinner.


As I remembered what my role was, I heard a voice.

I turned my head, but I couldn’t see what was ahead because my cowl covered me up to my nose bridge.

If I walked on the road, there definitely wouldn’t be anyone who recognized me.

Even so, that person called out my name.

I tore off my hood.

The girl in front of me fiercely tossed the umbrella in her hands to the side. Her whole body was soaked through by the rain in an instant.

The rain splashed from her body, making her silhouette seem like there was a white halo around it.


I could hardly believe that I was seeing her.

She didn’t look much different from before, but her usual smile had disappeared from her face. Her forehead had faint wrinkles, it seemed that she frowned a lot. Her face was much skinnier, but the asymmetric pattern of freckles on either side of her nose and beneath her eyes were still there.

“As I thought, it’s you……”

Ailee hugged me tight without allowing an explanation, and I still remained frozen in place.

I took my hands and placed them on her shoulders. Through her wet clothes, I felt her thin shoulders tremble.

A long time before, because I was an idiot about love, Ailee always matched me.

For example, there was a time that when we went on a date, I wore my practice armor so Ailee got herself a set. Just to make us look more like lovers, she dragged herself around in heavy armor, her whole body covered in perspiration.

I really am a slow person.

At that time, Ailee and I had participated in more festivals without discovering each other’s feelings.

Until the flight ceremony, where all people could use magic carpets to fly in the air.

I was a bit scared of heights, so Ailee patted my shoulders and said it was fine.

When I was riding it, Ailee brought it up quite high in an instant. I had no time to react and shrieked in fear.

At that time, Ailee, suddenly pounced into my embrace.

“I’ve always liked you, Leon!”

The memories and reality overlapped.

At this moment, Ailee was in my embrace, crying and sobbing while screaming about something she used to say.

At that time, I hadn’t responded to Ailee.

But this time, I needed to –


I used my back to protect Ailee as heat waves rolled out.

A house far behind us suddenly was reduced to ruins, and raging flames shot into the sky.

Even the rain water could not quench the fire.

The wooden frames groaned.

“Your Highness Ailee, please get out of here!!”

When I heard the old butler’s cry, I hurriedly put on my hood.

The entire city started to explode with people’s cries.

The peaceful city immediately flared up, but not because of the royal family’s official visit but because of something else.

I tightly gripped Ailee’s hand, and Aille squeezed my hand in return.

The butler sized up our linked hands, and looked at me who was hidden by the cloak again.

The streets started to fill with fleeing people.

I turned around, using my index finger to lift up my hood and scrutinized the blaze.

Following that, many other places far off sounded with explosion, and more fire shot into the sky.

Not only this, I felt that the heat waves from the roast even lessened the amount of rain.

A disorganized group of people helplessly fled from all direction. Every time there was an explosion, there would be countless people near the explosion who would die on the spot.

There were two kinds of flames that could not be put out by ordinary water.

One was ghost fire.

One was–

I slowly raised my head.

At the same time, the old butler’s voice cried out.

“Please seek refuge, Your Highness Ailee. That is a dragon!”



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