WSU Volume 2 Chapter 21: The Hero and the Reunion (part 7)

Editor: Skoll

TLC: Auxline

The Hero and the Reunion (part 7)

The Demon Beast Record inscribes: “The dragons were the tyrants of the sky in the olden days. There were scarlet, ink black, and rock colored. They could ignite dragon fire, summon lightning, or shake mountains. Dragons were something even legendary heroes could not defeat.”

The Record of the Rise and Fall of Middle Earth inscribes: “When the King of Lie[1. This is a surname.  Liè, not lie (lai).] was young, he drew his sword and slayed a red dragon, bathed in its blood, and ate its eyes raw. He could see all big happenings, dubbing himself the king of the wind, and called himself the ominous son.”

At the present…

There was a gigantic red dragon, its massive body hovering amidst the lightning.

It only need to unfurl its wings and roar, and fireballs would rain down from the sky.

All the things touched by the fireballs were burning into ashes.

Demon race, Dragon kind.

Direct subordinates of the demon king.

For the Expedition Regiment, the biggest headache was the sky. Air defense had been the Expedition Force’s biggest weak point for almost forever.

On the ground, forming a solid line of defense worked, however it didn’t in the sky.

So the demon king would often exploit this loophole and send every kind of flying demon to sneak attack the humans from the back.

As the strength of the Expedition Force expanded, a hundred meter range for air defence was possible.

This range was quite considerable and a large portion of demon beasts were deterred by this.

Except for two.

One was the Sky kind, the other was the Dragon kind.

The Sky kind were humanoid demons with wings. The Dragon kind were monsters covered in scales. The former were small and quick, and the latter had formidable scaly armor.

“Guards!! Call the city defense!!”

“Save me aaaaahhhh–”

“Monster, it’s a monster!!”


Every kind of shrieks could be heard in all the streets.

It was no use.

The guards came rushing forward gripping their lances, but the dragon floating in the sky was an existence that left them in the dust.

But even if the dragon came down from the sky, they still would not be able to defeat it.


The red dragon looked up and bellowed.

A indescribably oppressive feeling came down from the sky, almost crushing everyone down.

Our Expedition Regiment once vanquished a dragon, but that was when many people were working together.

We used all kinds of control and weakening skills, and then a furious charge. Even so, we still lost a person.

Dragons are a very strong demon.

At this moment, the black clouds were pierced through with countless holes. A multitude of meteor-like fireballs came raining down from the sky.

There was one that was coming down near where Ailee and I were.

Ah ah.

I grabbed my spear on my back.

There were rivulets of water on the spear when i gripped it, making it feel bone-chilling cold.

“Your Highness Ailee!!”

The butler sprinted towards Ailee, shouting in warning.

“I’m fine. I’m fine, butler.”

Ailee spoke.

I raised my head to watch the speeding fireball plunge without a care.

Not only did the rain water not extinguish the fireball, but also it produced a layer of blazing water vapor around the fireball due to the water evaporating.

If it was an ordinary person, they would definitely run.

Before this fireball fell, they would piss their pants in terror and escape, and they might be able to live.

But Ailee simply clasped her hands in front of her chest and stared at me.

I smiled.

Of course, how could I let you get injured.

It was hard for us to meet.

It’s like that, Ailee.

Wind wrapped and compressed around –

“Stop making me lose myself in exhilaration , you bastard demons!!”

I gripped the spear in my hands, and in an instant, I launched myself up in the sky.

The limestone bricks beneath my feet cracked, and I pushed off with a bang.

Gripping the bottom portion of my spear, I swept the entire body of the spear in front of me.

The large quantity of magic around the spear kept it isolated from the heat. With a pop, the entire fireball shattered into pieces that flew everywhere.

The cloak on my black was rustled by the turbulent wind, and my hood was lifted a sliver.

The dragon and I looked at each other for a second, and then another.

It wore the expression of a wild beast hunting for its prey, while I showed an expression of loathing.

Then I sped towards the ground, plunging. The instant I touched down on a rooftop, I hurriedly shot up again.

In just a few seconds, I had already reached the dragon’s side.

I still had my momentum, so I readied the spear in my hands.

Rapid Pierce Style · Crushing Armor.

I wrapped magic around the tip of the spear, thrusting my spear forward with my momentum.

At a closer distance, the dragon was even more terrifying. It was definitely over three stories tall and its wings when stretched were approximately forty meters.

I felt that my acrophobia had been triggered a bit due to the height i was at.

But compared to the height where Ailee had hugged me on the magic carpet, this was nothing.


The spear tip hit a chink in that vermillion scale armor, and let out a dazzling light.


Then, a scale flew off of the dragon.

I still can make it! Rapid Pierce–

I drew on my remaining strength to ready the spear and prepared to launch the second attack.

Then, I was struck dumb.

The armor that I had torn off still had another layer underneath.

Double-layered armor!

Without anytime to think, the dragon’s tail slammed into my side and I was sent flying.

Because I had enough time to strengthen myself with magic, I didn’t receive any major wounds.

I crashed through three or four walls, until I managed to stop.

I had used almost a third of my magic. It was fine just to strengthen my speed. Strengthening my jumping strength to temporarily fly consumes a large quantity of magic. This was also the weak point of the Expedition Regiment’s defense.

In reality, the only person who could do the air defense for a hundred meters was Shen Zhen.



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