WSU Volume 2 Chapter 22: The Hero and the Reunion (part 8)

Translator: Axuline
Editor : Skoll 

The Hero and the Reunion (part 8)

Another wave of people surged in.

“Get out of the way; the magicians are coming!!”

Magicians in wearing white quickly gathered. They pushed through the disorderly crowd, blocking Ailee from view.

With grave voices, they began to chant their spells.

Many layers of magic spells arose in alternation, giving off different colors of light.

The variation of colors from different spells were warped into a rainbow, and were sent flying in an orderly manner  towards the red dragon.

Because the red dragon was so lard, most of the spells hit their mark.

But it was useless.

Dragons are creatures that are impervious to magic.

Let’s say a magician chanted a simple fireball spell. It  would merely weave their magic power into a flame, and then catapult it outwards.

Fire had no weight to it, so it could hit the dragon.

Using any magic that had similar weight, weaving it into a ball of magic power, would have the same strength as weaving magic into a fireball once pitched outwards.

What is a magic spell was simply the utilization of magic power.

Using the least amount of magic power to produce maximum damage was the essence of spells.

Tactics were something thought of by humans. For instance, which situations certain magics be used, such as offensive magic or body strengthening magic.

But to speak honestly, the spell that was shot out was just magic power.

The demon race’s bodies were made of mana wrapped around a “core.” Plus dragons are one of the strongest of the demon race.

Dragon armour is cast out of extremely intricate mana.

Just like how my full-power magic cannot compare to the damage Shen Zhen produces, the magicians’ small fireballs were no different than tickles in the face of the extremely intricate magic power forming the dragon scales.

The city that Ailee was touring was a small city, which had feeble walls, and a limited number of soldiers.

Ailee had disobeyed the king of Sheng Qiao Yi because of me, thus she had no elite soldiers with her.

In other words, I was the only one capable of killing this dragon.

I had no idea or way right now, but it was something that I had to do.

Disarrayed swarms of people on the street were fleeing, screaming in futility.

Giant fires sprung up everywhere; it was like hell on earth.

Those who were too slow had a chance of being devoured and burnt alive by the unexpected fires.

A normal person would not be able to extinguish a little spark.

They could only watch the flame grow, until ultimately, the whole body burned.

I leisurely went forward against the crowd, dragging the spearhead on the cobblestone, producing a raucous screech.

The year I was sixteen, I became an official member of the First Expedition Regiment.

Moreover, I was the most envied person of the First Expedition Regiment.

Because when I was training, Ailee would always sit in the shade of the tree with her legs all stretched out, embracing a jug of cold water.

Even when she had to use her handkerchief to constantly swipe her sweat because of the heat, she would never take a sip of that refreshing cold beverage.

When I went on break, she would then pour the cold water into a cup for me.

To be honest, there were times I felt were awkward. But I also felt extremely blessed.

When the sun was at its most bilious point, it only took me a day to be burnt black.

My whole body would get obvious sunburn lines. On my arms, the areas outside my sleeves would be burnt until the skin got so red it empurpled. After a few days, my sunburns would even split open.

Sweat dripped down both of my cheeks, but I didn’t dare to wipe it without permission. Only when the military instructor left would I secretly take the chance to wipe all the collected sweat from chin. The beads of sweat would drip onto the ground.

My hands were also very sweaty, which would make my open wounds burn like fire.

Ailee had seen all of this. She did not come to stop it, but just watched me with a worried expression.

Because both of us knew, we could only be together if I became an elite of the Expedition Regiment.

So I continued to get stronger.

Day after day, year after year.

Whether light of the sun blaze like fire or the raindrops fell like hammers, I was never lazy for a moment.

After that, the current me who is standing here didn’t come here to uphold that promise. After all, I had no way of fulfilling that promise.

But this was the reason I became strong.

I had no talent. I only became strong to protect Ailee.

That would never change, even until this day.

I blocked in front of Ailee, only to protect her.

In a moment I would fling my spear. My right arm and the spear’s body formed a straight line, slanting towards the lower right direction.

I inhaled deeply, then began to adjust the flow of mana.

Jumping power, wrist power, everything needed to be strengthened for that brief moment to blast to the maximum, reaching my limits.

In other words, I placed myself in

Ailee,  I still have so many things to tell you. However, this is not the right time to do so.

So, please look at me, Ailee.

The almost finished magic fired towards the dragon in quick succession, and the dragon finally got irritated by those ants who had no real power.

The spear Rapid Pierce Style and Point Kill Style had no real effect, so let’s just simply forget about this tactic.

I wrapped my mana around the body of my spear, to strengthen it as much as possible.


The instant the humongous mouth opened and revealed two rows of sharp teeth,  a lump of fire could be faintly seen flickering in the throat.

“Breath of Dragons.”

That was a skill that all kinds of dragons use. The compressed mana in the body, and then spat out incredibly hot columns of fire.

Even if it was a professional, a member of the Expedition Regiment, they would have to obediently dodge.

But this group of magicians stood in front of Ailee.

When you don’t have any real strength, you should never stand in front of the person you want to protect. That would only implicate the other party.

I pushed off the ground with the balls of my feet , and I appeared on  side of the dragon’s head in a flash.

Grabbing the lower portion of the long spear, I swung out the whole body of the spear.



A gigantic shock wave diffused, and the several meters long dragon head had came to a standstill, slowly spinning.

The column of fire had lost its aim and sprayed towards the distant town.

The scales on the dragon’s head had split, but I wasn’t any better off.

The strong recoil from the attack had propelled me in the opposite direction.

A vital spot had ripped open, and fresh blood came pouring continuously.

Using my peripheral vision, I shot a glance at Ailee who was screaming my name, and her face smeared with tears.

It was just like during practice, where she looked at me worriedly.

Seeing your loved ones suffer in pain, but you couldn’t carry their agony for them.

We all knew, right now,  she couldn’t even shout my name.

Furthermore, I probably had the same expression on my face.



22 thoughts on “WSU Volume 2 Chapter 22: The Hero and the Reunion (part 8)

  1. What a realist and wonderful love story although every one hate him all of the world loathe him she still love him is there such wife in reality


  2. “Because the red dragon was so lard, most of the spells hit their mark.” lard –> large.

    Leon’s about to die again… I wonder what Ailee will think of Zhai He? 😓


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