WSU Volume 2 Chapter 23: The Hero and the Reunion (part 9)

Translated by Axuline and edited by Skoll

The Hero and the Reunion (part 9)

If this was before, this kind of situation would have been settled by Shen Zhen.

Using his innate skill, “Explosion Break Magic” and his magic reserves that far exceeded that of an ordinary person, it would be no great feat to breakthrough the dragon’s defense.

In our original four person group, Luciewayan and I took on the speed attack role, Shen Zhen would take on both the power attack and defense roles, while Zhi Bu would direct us.

If it were those four people, and as long as Disaster of the Three Hundred-type absolute strength disparity didn’t appear, it would be easy to deal with any kind of opponent.

I used my sleeves to wipe the blood from my mouth. My teeth had bitten down on my lower lip so they left two bite marks, flowing with fresh blood.

Honestly, even at this point at time I’m still thinking about I’m still thinking about all those battle advantages of my old group.

The hand gripping the spear was trembling violently, the fingers gradually turning numb.

Even if I grasped the spear with all my strength, the wounds I had suffer would not instantly heal, and I would still feel the paralyzing pain.

But I had already accomplished the first part of my goal.

At the present, the dragon’s attention had shifted to me.

It faced my direction and growled; it was prepared to charge at me at any moment.

I will lead it away from Ailee.

It is okay to be humiliated; mocking myself is fine. The current me had no way of handling the dragon alone.

Its armor was really just too hard. A normal attack would not have any effect at all. If you tried to meet force with force, all you would do was hurt yourself.

I was on the roof moving back and forth, keeping enough distance between us that the dragon still believed it could chase after me.

How could there be a man who would be willing to let his beloved woman be stuck with no way out?

Since I had become strong for Ailee, then this was good.

I would become even stronger.

Right here, right now. I would become stronger.

My innate skill was “Little Miracle.” If you said that passive skills existed to strengthen the areas that you specialized in, then it goes to follow that I possess the strength to awaken miracles.

In order to do that, I must imagine it.

Remembering every single battle that I had gone through, and from that, find a way to defeat the dragon.

No, I didn’t even have to remember anything.

I only needed to tell myself that “I want to defeat this dragon”. Only this.

Then, I left everything else to my body.

Among all of the people in the First Division of the Expedition Regiment, I was the strongest person when I was in the heartless state.

Because I had no talent, I had no idea what to do on the battlefield. My mind couldn’t catch up to my body, and my body couldn’t process any commands from my brain.

But, on my road of hard work up until today, I had experienced countless battlefields.

I did not need to think. My body could retaliate to anything.

The next time my eyes opened, the surrounding world had become grey and slow.

The present me breathed in deeply and paused for a moment.

I placed the spear on my back.

Facing towards the sky, I stretched my arms.

I clumsily grabbed onto something, and in a flash, I flung the black spear.

Rather than saying it was a spear, it would be better to call it just a long, pointed stick.

With a bang, the black spear pierced the dragon’s armor, immediately was dispersed like the morning fog.

But, the scale over there had split open.

As such, this was the experience accumulated from the Disaster of the Three Hundred.

Just like Scampelier, I used pure magic power to construct a weapon.

Even if I couldn’t completely break through, if I just had another moment I could break through it. And moreover, I would not be wounded.

At the moment I was unable to sense anything else; my surroundings were filled with black spears.

It was like a forest of bamboo.

All of my magic power had spread into the surroundings in an irregular region. Within the irregular region, my magic power condensed into black spears that were stabbed into the ground.

I was pulling them out one after the other, throwing them at the red dragon will all my might.

Both my hands grabbed a different spear, throwing them out as fast as possible.

It was like heaven and earth had flipped. From my side on the ground came a torrential rain of spears.

The ground was a black forest of spears, and the sky was a black rain of spears.


My body moved quickly, the majority of the time I did not really see the spears I was holding as I threw them out.

Occasionally I would turn my head to see a magnificent scene.

Dark clouds filled the sky. The dragon bellowed faintly. Black spears slammed into the twisting form of the red dragon by the hundreds by the thousands.

An increasing amount of blood began to pour out from in between my finger and thumb. Although I could not any pain in the heartless state, my speed was decreasing.

Ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting—




The red dragon’s speed dropped.

It seemed like it was trying to swim through an extremely viscous liquid, struggling desperately to move its wings. However, it could only slowly get closer to me.

One of its eyes was pierced by my magic power. Flustered and exasperated it shrieked.


While it maneuvered its body to straighten, it gave up on continuing to push towards me.

The giant dragon head shook from side to side, before the light of fire appeared in its throat.

This was the dragon’s breath.

I needed to avoid it right away. I jumped away in an instant. The black spears behind me that I did not time to throw at the dragon turned into vapor, dissipating into the air.

After avoiding that attack, I used the spear forest again.

I created a black spear in my hands and again flung it at the red dragon.

However, it didn’t get entangled with me any longer.

It didn’t even look in my direction.

After shaking its head, the pale red fire column straightened and shot at the mages who were still firing out their spells.

And Ailee was in a position very close to them.

I just noticed that the magic attack from the ground had not stopped for a moment.

What are they thinking? Those magicians believed that their attacks was having an effect, so they didn’t stop firing out their magic?

Did they know what situation they were in right now!?

There was no time for me to complain.

I could use my fastest speed to take Ailee and escape, but if I did that, then those magicians standing there would all have died.

By being burnt into ashes by the super high temperature.

After the Disaster of the Three Hundred, I had become the enemy of the entire world.

Many people had pointed fingers. My name would go down in history as a synonym for infamy. Humanity had already renounced me.

But that didn’t mean that I would just watch people die without saving them.

Even if others hate me, I had no right to do what they did to me.

If that is so—

My silhouette disappeared from where I stood, reappearing in front of the columns of fire.

If that is so, just let me experience it for a while, my miracle.

Please appear right here, Little Miracle—

I stretched my left arm outwards, my palms facing outward, my fingers pressed together.

I placed the palm on my right hand against the back of my left hand.

The heat wave was coming for me. I slowly closed my eyes.

Right now, I remembered that time that Ailee had slapped my face, rebuking my cowardice.

Il remembered, that time when Ailee had hugged me in the vast, night sky, her warmth had seeped into me.

Ailee’s gaze. Ailee’s laughter. I would never forget any of them.

Ailee, is my Venus.

So I can give up everything just for her.

—So awaken, awaken, miracle!!

I released every last bit of magic power that was in my body. Consuming too much magic power at once was similar to exhausting physical strength. I spit out blood. All of the scrapes and scratches that I had gotten from the mud opened, and blood flowed out.


My blood and I feel at almost the same speed.

The scene before my eyes was almost like when you opened the faucet and a spoon deflected the high-speed water into spraying outwards.

It was like an umbrella had been opened under the fire column. The fire ran along the contours of the umbrella, while the people underneath the umbrella were safe.

I had done it.

Did you see that? Ailee.

I fell from high in the sky, without even any defenses at all I hit the ground. My backbone seemed to have been broken as I coughed out another mouthful of sticky blood.

It’s alright; it’s alright already.

Run away, Ailee.

“Magicians! Protect Ailee and evacuate!! ”

The butler issued a command, but the frightened magicians had already all run away.

The red dragon had flapped its wings and in a flash, landed onto the ground.

It stamped a firm pace as it walked towards me. The whole ground shook.

I am a sinner, Ailee.

I didn’t take your feelings into consideration, and became a vile human  on my own.

You must be very sad, right? You must hate me, right?

I’m sorry, Ailee.

I prepared to close my heavy eyelids.

“Let me go, Minoco!!”

Now, Ailee had managed to break free from the butler who had grabbed her arm and wanted to bring her away.

Then, with all the unwillingness to surrender she stood in front of me

“I won’t let you harm him! “

She spread her arms wide, protecting me who lay on the ground behind her.

The giant red dragon was already almost within reach. Its giant claws could come down at any moment.

But Ailee did not care at all. She tilted her face to the side and smiled at me.

Damn!!! Dammiittt!!

Who let you have that kind of expression.

The thing that I hated most was that the first time we met, you were wearing that expression.

Calmly accepting your own death, feeling that everything was all right.

In order to be with you, I became a hero.

I slowly bent my fingers, clenching them into a fist.



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  1. Thanks for the chapter and awosome figth, to bad that he isn-t so mutch of a cheat charaacter to be able to beat the dragon.


  2. Gahh! Dammit princess! To bad I caught up already. So we got emo hero with the worst timing for an epiphany (ironic considering his skill is miracle) and it seems uncle has some sort of history with regards to fighting and killing before reincarnation.


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