WSU Volune 2 Chapter 24: The Hero and the Reunion (part 10)

Translated by lovelyxday

The Hero and the Reunion (part 10)

To say that a miracle was entirely created by human effort was not entirely true.
Something a strong person could do would be called a miracle by a weak person; that was an ever bigger fallacy.
What can be done and what cannot: actually, every person should know.

With that in mind, think of it it as a giving up on a battle destined to failure, but rather a relentless struggle. Then when a certain moment comes, through luck and divine grace you could temporarily surpass your limits. Doing things that you couldn’t. That is a miracle.

The only factor that humans could control was their refusal to give up.

Luck is also an extremely important factor.

However, the former was a prerequisite for the latter.

If you gave up, who would protect your precious things?

I picked up the spear that had fallen on the ground, supporting myself on my knee to a standing position.

My past training, my past trials of life and death, my past blood soaked battles, could not be wiped away with just two years of ordinary living.
As long as I was doing meaningful things, I could accomplish many.

I took in a large mouthful of air.

I, who became stronger for Ailee, couldn’t possibly just stand around and stare as Ailee died for me.

“Let…go…, Ai…lee…”

Ailee cried and pounced into my arms.

Really, think about the situation.

I gripped the spear in one hand and used my free hand to pull her in tighter.

Could I summon a miracle?

I looked at the red dragon spitting out hot air.

I, myself, didn’t know. Holding onto the last remains of my torch, could my body that was struggling against the boundary of life and death really summon a miracle?
When I was training, when I was in battle, I would frequently have premonitions of dying.

At that time, I was part of the core of the troop, so I paid more attention to the group cohesion than my own skills.

in a small group battle, everyone fought side to side.

Then, when I felt I could hold on no longer, I would usually let myself fall.
It was good that I had done what I could. The rest would be given to my companions.
In marshy bogs, in foggy forests, I used up all my strength so that I fell into unconsciousness.
“I leave the rest of this to you. Now I will rest.”

Is what I would normally say.

So whenever I was sent to fight alone, I always felt utterly miserable.

Hehe. What am I thinking about.


Ailee quietly called my name in my embrace.
“I don’t care. So don’t make me, Leon. After all, being able to rest in your arms again, I am very—”
My tears dropped onto Ailee’s rail-thin shoulder.
It seems she hasn’t been taking care of herself properly for a while. Her countenance was much dimmer and she seemed very disheveled.

“I’m sorry, Ailee, for making you suffer.”

After I said this, I shoved Ailee to the side.
“So leave the rest to me. Ailee, look well. I’m still me, the hero Leon.”

—No matter what challenges I face, I will find a way to overcome them.

—No matter how much suffering I must bear, I will never give up.

I straightened up, bones cracking in protest.

Even standing up was a gamble, a bet on whether my spinal cord would suddenly snap or not.

To be beaten to this state… the opponent was just a dragon.

–Go forth.

–Because I am a hero.


Just like spontaneous combustion, my body was wrapped in a flame driven by magic power.

The recovery speed was too quick, the amount recovered too big. In a moment, my body could not adapt to it. The rest of my magic power poured out of my body like fire.

It was still not enough.

At this stage I couldn’t pick a fight with a dragon.

Then I must become stronger.

The flame-like magic power soared high into the sky, and the red dragon swung its head around to look at me.

That lone eye exuded killing intent, but also doubt.

A dumb animal like you wouldn’t understand.

The drive to become stronger to protect the people you want to protect.

The flames engulfing my body were now several meters high. Fire made of magic power only looked like fire. They were not hot at all, and nor did they possess physical form.

Still not enough.

I have to pierce through that armor.

I have to penetrate the horizon.

I have to guide the future attack.

I needed a miracle.

So, I created one.

Black magic power gathered around the spear in my hand like a vacuum.

The make of the spear was pretty good, but this was too much magic power for it to handle.

The spear creaks and ground, liable to explode at any moment.

Just hold on a little longer, can’t you my old comrade?

I asked the spear in my heart.

There was no response. Of course, it couldn’t respond.

Sorry, nameless spear.

I took a heavy step forward and pushed off the ground. My entire body was sent into the air.

This time, I was much higher than the dragon.

Gripping the middle shaft of the spear, I lifted it high overhead.

The muscles and tendons in my arms pulled taut.

Waves of black power rippled from the long spear, as the black air formed a whirlwind from the tip to the end.

Prepare your praises. This is the moment.

“The legendary hero cannot be punished.”

I became the legendary hero.

Burn away, my soul.

Burn away, all the sins I have borne!!

In the next moment, I threw the spear in my hands.

The red dragon tossed its head and spewed out a column of flames.

The instant it opened its mouth, a black line broke through the horizons.

In the same moment, lightning and thunder sparked overhead.

A flash of lightning.

The black spear pierced through its body, then exploded.

This was the ending I wanted.

The spear couldn’t originally bear too much pressure from magic, so it was coated with a layer of magic power to prevent it from exploding.

When it entered the dragon, the outside layer of magic power was shed away.

Then, unable to bear the high quantity of magic power, the spear popped like a rubber ball with too much air.

A hero that slayed the evil dragon.

“The dragon is dead!!”

“Everyone is saved!!”

“Many thanks Lord Her—”

A crowd hard at my heels.

After confirming their safety, they rapidly gathered together.

I forced myself to my feet when I suddenly felt the excited crowd fall silent.

I turned to look at Ailee. Her expression was extremely complicated.

She was happy for me, but also seemed to be worried for me.


A rock hit my face.

I suddenly realized.

My hood had been blown off by the wind.

“You! You still haven’t died!!?”

The crowds recognized who I was.

My brain turned slow, unable to think of how to respond to the sudden turn in atmosphere.

“Demon lackey, you brought this monster here, didn’t you!!?”

“You turned the whole city into rubble. Are you satisfied now!!?”

“You bastard, give me my Mom back!!”

The crowd always had someone throwing a rock at me.

“Hurry up and confirm it. Are you Leon or not?”

Ailee threw herself in front of me.

“Everyone, please don’t—”

A rock hit ailee’s forehead, and a dark red stream of blood trickled down her temples.

This situation was very familiar.

When I first entered the Expedition Forde, I met a scum senior.

He would often assign me to run errands, and even for the slightest thing he found not up to par, he would cuss me out.

The Expedition Force had a rule: the first to cause a disturbance would be expelled.

So I could only be patient.

The final time, he complained that the drinks weren’t cold enough and was about to punch me.

At that time, Ailee was coincidentally walking by, and she threw herself in front of me without hesitation.

The hit had drawn blood, and her head was swollen.

At that time, seeing such a thing made me loathe my own weakness.

But now I could not.

For me, this world is nothing.

So I must protect those who I want to protect.

I hugged the dizzied Ailee from behind.

“I’m fine, Leon…”

She breathed in my ear.

The person who threw the stone at her was the middle-aged man I saw in the pub.

Seeing I did not respond, he picked up another stone and threw it at me.

I caught the stone and forcefully though it back. He could not respond at all to a lock of his hair being shaved off.

“The princess just called him Leon!! this person is the traitor to humanity!!”

Yelled that man.

“Everyone look, he raised a hand at me. As expected as someone on the demons’ side!!”

“The hero on hand can’t just sit around and do nothing–”


Just as he was about to go off on a rant, a giant explosion sound came from behind me.


My head whipped around, and I saw the dragon slowly climbing to its feet.

I very clearly had pierced a hole through its core!

When the long spear had pierced near its core, it exploded into pieces. I clearly saw the shining, multicolored core shatter.

Right at this moment, past memories from the Expedition Force resurfaced.

We were around a campfire, while Baliat addressed us kindly.

–Don’t think that just because you destroy the core everything will be all right. Most demon beasts are weak at the core because without a core, their magic power would be distributed throughout their body and would dissipate into the air much more quickly. But there are exceptions. For example, a dragon. Because the magic density of their scales is so high, even if their core is destroyed their bodies won’t disappear so easily. It takes a period of time. You definitely must be careful, young ones.

Right now, the red dragon’s body was like smoke. Waves of black magic power seemed to be evaporating from the surface, disappearing.
But then the dragon roared.
Frightening strength remained.


The flames of revenge flickered within its throat.

Dragon’s breath.

I had used up all my magic power; I couldn’t dodge it.

Not just me, but Ailee too.

The people behind me with evil intentions too.

Everything will be burnt to nothingness under the high temperatures, like they never existed to begin with.
“Save us! Defeat it, Leon!!”
A man in the crowd fell onto the ground out of fear.

Just as I was feeling the most desperation, a silver light suddenly flashed.

A silver line appeared on the dragon’s neck.

Breath was stopped, the glow from the fire fading.

After several seconds, the dragon’s head carefully began to slide. With a massive thunk!, its head slammed onto the ground and produced dust clouds.

“Haa, haaa…that scared me. So it was just rigor mortis.”

The man patted the ground, then vigorously leaped up.
But as for me, I could not just relax.

That was not rigor mortis. That dragon was hit by something.

Something far stronger than a dragon killed it in one hit.

“Everyone, everyone we must discuss. This man is the traitor to humanity. Now he is powerless. Together!”

He pulled out his saber.

But then, a silver line appeared on his neck.

In the next instant, his head rolled onto the ground.

The crowd exploded into panic.
Someone shouted at me:
“You’re a killer!! Demon lackey!! You led us to believe you used your speed for good, but it was to betray us all along!!”
After saying such, he immediately was beheaded. His stump sprayed out blood, and the people around him were dominated by fear.
While I already had no time to deal with the resentment and fear of the crowds.

I shoved Ailee behind me protectively.

This was not my doing. There was something else.
I lifted my head; the air above me was being distorted.
The black clouds vanished without a trace. Then in the air hung a red moon.

A palace almost as big as this city floated high in the sky.

It was a fiend’s fortress, a region a god could not even touch.


My sandpaper throat rasped out that bitter name.



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