WSU Volume 2 Chapter 25: The Hero and the Devil

Translated and edited by lovelyxday

The Hero and the Devil

The Demon Beast Record states: “Devils are extraordinary existences in this world. They live in their own domain which takes the shape of a fortress. They call themselves the race that betrayed the gods. They despise deities, start wars, and commit the gravest of sins. The Middle Earth alliance rose up to punish them, but it was not easy to achieve victory.”

The Different World Journal states: “In Duopunuowa they are citizens of the night that call people who lose their way. Once, a melodious voice drew in a traveller. He saw a maiden bathing in a spring the color of blood. The next day, when he returned to the city, it was in ruins. Then he realized the maiden he saw was a devil.”

At this moment, a giant fortress was suspended in the sky.

The tint of my vision turned extremely strange.

The colors seemed to be inverted, but at the same time like different shades of paints mixed together.

The sky filled with a indispensable red fog, and the blood moon hung in the air.

It was constructed like a church, but the scale was closer to that of a palace.

Silently hovering in the air, it leaked an absolute pressure.

It was about a hundred meters high, liable to fall down at any moment.

If it came down, the entire city  would be destroyed in an instant.

Whether it be the buildings or the city walls or the people gathered here, nothing would  be left.

Thus, just the mere presence of the fortress gave everyone a boundless pressure.

A fear from the unknown.

But for me, the one worthy of fear was not that floating fortress. It was the person who lived there.

Even that high in the air, she could accurately kill a dragon. One of the five territory generals of the demon race, the main character of the Disaster of the Three Hundred.

By using magic to strength the eyes, I can drastically zoom in with my sight.

A lofty, grandiose fortress. The main building was a dome, constructed by four corners blending together smoothly.

The building was connected to a giant, grassy plain. As if there was an invisible hand pulling the castle from the ground, dirt continued to fall from the bottom.

Then, standing at the very tip of the tower, the devil.

A pair of black ram horns sprouted from a head of short, light pink hair. A chokingly beautiful face.

Long black eyelashes, rosy cheeks, bright red lips.

A black, cropped jacket showed off every curve in her body. Her ample bosom was half bared to the outside, and exposed parts of her waist showed alluring white skin.

A leather mini skirt revealed slender, white legs crossed together, and her pointy high heels pressed against the fortress.

A long, slender tail curled out behind her, the tip ending in the shape of a heart.

On top of that, she was gripping a black scythe in her hands.

For any man it was a body full of allure, but for me it lacked all attraction.

At that moment, I was shrouded in despair.

This was true despair, as if faced with hell.

Just by looking at her, my past nightmares resurfaced in my mind.

The desperate battle, brave sacrifices, remorse and self-blame, life and death.

All of it began with Scameplier, and all of it ended with her.

But I still generated a black sword in my hands.

So-called miracles are finite. No matter how one person tries, no matter how good his luck is, he can’t bare handedly fight an avalanche or a tsunami.

Before some types of strength, miracles will not occur.

Scameplier was at the peak of strength, and I, unarmed and defenseless, was facing this natural disaster.

Besides defeat, I had no other options.

Even so, I still chose to fight.

There wasn’t any other reason.

It was just because I was a hero, and I wanted to protect some things.

It was just because Ailee was behind me.

I focused on Scampelier, then saw her leave the fortress with my own eyes.

The silent city was still floating in the air.

Only she had disappeared.

In the next moment, I would be killed.

I couldn’t see what direction she went, so I had no way of dodging, no way defending.

Just at this moment, the thought “I’m done for!” appeared in my mind.

I closed my eyes.

Then I felt a warmth on my chest.

I was being hugged.

Over a hundred meters of distance was closed in just tenths of a second.

“At long last, I meet you, Hero Leon.”

My brain could not respond. My right arm gripping the sword was stiff and unmoving.

I lowered my head to see the grinning Scampelier.

Black eyes like stars met mine, an elegant but strange fragrance.

Right at this moment, memories skipped through my mind.

The scene of three hundred deaths stood out vividly.

Anger encompassed my brain.


I wasn’t done speaking when something soft touched my lips.

The words I couldn’t say were stuck in my mouth.

The girl before me wrapped her arms around my neck, and her moist tongue slid into my mouth, gently licking the roof of my mouth.


In just a moment, she pulled away, a strand of saliva forming a glistening line between our mouths.

“I always wanted to see you, Leon. Come with me.”

What is this……

My head was in shambles.

What was happening.

My sword clattered to the ground, exploding into vapor.

What should I do now? Kill her here?

That, if I was going to do it I should have done it on the Day of the Three Hundred.

Now what could I do.

Hazy voices echoed in my mind.

—I am Leon, the hero, Leon.

—No, that’s not it. I am humanity’s traitor, enemy of the world.

—I should accept these sins, and disappear from here.

—But, I want to live… I want to live.

—Leave, leave for there.

“I am the person standing by your side, Leon.”

A familiar, amiable feeling filled a cavity in my mind.

It was like lying down next to your friend on the grass on a spring day, reclining next to the roaring fire with your lover in the winter.

My awareness was growing fuzzy.

Even if I save someone, they won’t appreciate me.

I was no longer needed by this world.

Then I should leave.

Leaving together with Scampelier was not necessarily anything bad.

Letting me start anew.

Go, go.

I reached out both of arms to hug Scampelier back.

“Yes, this is good. You are mine, Leon.”

A hot breath tickled my ear.


A voice that could absorb people’s hearts and souls could not be fought against.

I squeezed the busty maiden in my embrace and without hesitation kissed her.

Tongues entwined.

Scameplier’s exquisite skin rubbed against me body. Her chest induced soft pressure.

Selling my soul to a devil.

The person in my arms was something of mine. The only thing that could be mine.

My hands caressed Scameplier’s exquisite back lines.

I kissed Scameplier until I could hear her faint breathing grow ragged.

Like pledging my sovereignty.

This was all right, this was—


Someone’s hysterical wail—


I pushed away Scameplier.

Not right, not right.

How could this be alright.

I looked at Ailee sobbing behind me.



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  1. You’re back! Yay! 💞
    I missed the previous chapter, so this is for two chapters: “thank you!”

    Waaaaaa the devil girl is fallen for Leon?! But if he go with her, then what would happen to uncle….


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