WSU Volume 2 Chapter 26: The Hero and the Separation

Translated and edited by lovelyxday

The Hero and the Separation

I used magic power to form a black sword, gambling all of my magic power on a single attack.

But Scampelier’s form disappeared.

I could not follow such speed. So close to the fortress, devils were almost undefeatable existences.

But that was difficult to avoid. If she could be beaten so easily, the First Expedition Regiment wouldn’t have lost three hundred people on that day.

I didn’t know what she wanted to do; I had no way of predicting her actions.

My whole body felt like it had been submerged in deep water. A chill ran from my feet to my brain.

In the next second, there was the possibility of getting killed.

Perhaps there wouldn’t even be a second.

“It really is nice to see you, Leon.”

At some unknown time, Scampelier appeared from behind me and hugged my neck.

…… But I never wanted to see you again.

Complex emotions filled my mind, and my awareness became fainter.

I wasn’t entering the heartless state, but I could only feel what I should do.

I slowly raised my sword.

In this state I should use––

The pinnacle of Moon God’s Style.

A penetrating sound of shattering air. The black sword slashed at air.

Fruitless again.

Two fair legs squeezed around my neck. This time, Scampelier was perched on my head.

“Why do you want to attack me? Leon.”

Slender fingers lightly caressed my cheek.

“Aren’t we of the same type?”

“Yes, I once believed that.”

I pried open the two legs around my neck.


Like an old friend, Scampelier ruffled my hair.

“Scampelier, we, in the end, are different.”

I threw down the sword and grabbed her legs.

Flames of magic power covered my entire body.

Little Miracle was at its limits, but an almost indiscernible light still fanned these flames.

There  was also the tiny light in my heart.

That was also part of my Little Miracle.

You and I are different, Scampelier.

I have a Venus that guides me forward. I will never lose my way.

I have things I want to protect, and you do not.

In order to protect those things, I destroy. You simply exterminate.

Thus, I can bring about a miracle, no matter how small.

Right at this time, it appeared.

The flames rose in the air, more exuberant than when I faced off against the dragon, more exuberant than during the Disaster of the Three Hundred.

If it’s the present me, perhaps I can do it.

After the dragon died, rain began to pitter patter.

The city floating above wasn’t like a real entity. The rain could freely pass through it.

“What do you want to do? Leon.”

Scampelier looked at me in interest.

Is there still a use for questions?

A ring of air pulsed beneath my feet, and the cobblestone groaned.

I gritted my teeth, then looked at Ailee.

Ailee, deformed by sobs.

Right now, I definitely was wearing a lonely expression.

Goodbye, Ailee.

I thrust all of my magic power into my feet, and the ground cracked.

The boundary between sky and earth became blurry. Everything rushed by me as a column of multi-colored light.

The ground where I had been standing had turned into a fairly large pit.

I calmly flew towards that blood moon.

Bringing Scampelier with me.

“As I thought. Leon, you still chose to go with me?”

I stepped on to the wall of the fortress, then used Little Miracle to replenish my magic power.

Then I shot off the wall. Not even a crack appeared in the sturdy fortress.

Without cushion, the force made my ankle bone break.

I crossed over the fortress, flying for the horizon.


Muttered Scampelier quietly.

I can do it, this altitude.

Above the cloud layer, air was scarce and breathing was hard.

The city was all in ruins. The people were fairly centralized, so when we dropped, there wouldn’t be any injuries.

“Do you get it, Scampelier?”

I didn’t turn to look at her.

“I am a sinner and you are a devil. We are not suited to live in this world.”

The rushing air blew through my hair.

Scamepelier did not say anything.

Fall down.

Like a shooting star, fall down!

I grabbed both her legs, my whole body burning bright with the magic power flames.

I surpassed the cloud layer, the bloody moon, the fortress.

I could see the whole city from above.

At this moment, I felt like I was flying.

At this moment, I wanted to go in the air and embrace my Ailee.

The moment before I died, I felt that the a high altitude was beautiful for the first time.

My body sliced through the air, scorched by the wind resistance.

Like I really was burning.


That said, I also want to apologize to you, Scampelier.

We were both looking for a place to call home.

I found mine, but you didn’t.

But be at peace. In hell, we will all see each other again.

We will repay our sins––


Every inch of bone in my body screamed in pain.

The giant impact would immediately shatter my body into fragments.

We will die together, Scampelier.

Just as I thought that, my body came out safe and sound.

There was a giant hole over ten meters wide in the ground. The impact ground the cobblestone into powder.

But in the center of the pit was me, still alive.

Scameplier was princess carrying me while standing at the center of the impact.

I still didn’t understand what happened. Once again, I had returned to the front of the crowd.

Everything felt like it had happened a lifetime ago.


“You changed, Leon.”

Scameplier set me on the ground lightly.

“I want to know what made you change.”

Then, Scamepelier disappeared in front of me.

Wait a moment.

It couldn’t be––

“Was it you?”

Scampelier held Ailee’s jaw, looking into her eyes.

With tears still in her eyes, Ailee stared back without an ounce of fear.

“Stop! It has nothing to do with her!!”

I struggled to stand, but just as I sat up, my hands and feet were bound to the ground by black chains.

“Oh? Is that so.”

Scameplier looked at me, who was struggling futilely.

Then she looked at Ailee again.

“Hmm. What’s your relationship with Leon?”

I’m begging you.

I’m begging you, Ailee!!

Do not say it, a thousand times, don’t say it!!


“There is no relationship!! We’re just friends!!”

I shouted.

I threw my whole body against the chains, but they weren’t damaged in the slightest.

Ailee went blank.

For a moment, doubt appeared on her face.

Then, she used her sleeve to dry the tears on her face.

Then, it was that smile.


Ailee slowly parted her lips.

I wailed and struggled like a wild animal.

Only a little bit, only this time–

“Remember me well, you shitty devil. I am Leon’s fiancée.”



I violently broke off my hand and threw off the chains.

I didn’t feel any pain.



Just as I was about touch Scampelier.

Without emotion, Scampelier pierced her right hand through Ailee’s chest.

Just like she pierced Walker, an unemotional attack.


What have you done to Ailee!!!!

I went to punch Scampelier. Actually, I didn’t have a fist, only a stump.

Scameplier’s figure disappeared. Without her support, Ailee slumped onto the ground.

I managed to stop my momentum and grabbed Ailee.

“It’s……fine now.”

Said Ailee faintly.

“What’s good about this!!! Why would you say that!!”

Ailee’s eyes had already lost their spirit and turned dull.

Bloods started to trickle out of her mouth.

“Hey, Leon. You still haven’t said you like me, right?”

I bit my lips.

My face started to tremble.

This is not bad.

Because I am a fairly slow person, even Ailee did the confession.

But now, I used all of my strength to shout into the rain.

“I love you Ailee, I always loved you!!”

Ailee smiled.

“I can’t hear you. But, this is good Leon. I still died as your fiancée. I didn’t need to have some other engagement. That really is….good.”

I was helpless to respond to her smile, and laughed in the rain.

A smile for a smile.

In the end, Ailee’s lips moved, but the words could not come out.

––Goodbye, Leon.

But I still heard her last voice.

Just like when we were kids, Ailee’s clear but mischievous voice.

And now, I who lost both arms had no way of hugging her.



20 thoughts on “WSU Volume 2 Chapter 26: The Hero and the Separation

  1. Hmmm…Thanks for the chapter, well this novels sure knows how to make me feel conflicted with my feelings for the chapter. In one side obviously I am sad, don’t know why but I am sad about Aileen and Leo, for the other I jus want to punch Leo (and the author) for all the heavy drama, then I am excited for the uncle to appear again, but shitty again for all the mess he will have to deal with because of emo-Hero here. so hard to love a novel sometimes……

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  2. I don’t know if the development of this turn stupid or great… It’s leaning slightly on the great side for now.
    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. LEt me get this straight.. so leon saved scampelier, a yandere devil, cuz he felt she was a pitiful devil that have just killed 300 men. He gets killed for betrayal. Revive. Then when you met scampelier again, you don’t hesitate to try to kill her at all, And thats get his fiance killed. First time i don’t feel sorry for the mc, chronic stupidity has concecuences. Aile’s fault was for falling in love with a retard.

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  4. Man this story… The emotional rollercoaster which just leaves me frustrated. (not to mention just confused at what the author is trying to point out.)


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