WSU Volume 1 Chapter 33

Happy Black Friday! I just got back from shopping >.< I love shopping and cheap clothing.

Sigh…my stock is being depleted. And then homework, college apps, and other projects. Whelp, who needs sleep?

Chapter 33


4 thoughts on “WSU Volume 1 Chapter 33

  1. Dude, black Friday is a scam, ya know? It is usually around a 5% discount. If you don’t believe me, check the prices you paid with the listing in amazon and it should be mostly the same


  2. Sleep? Da fuq is dat? Yea, I know how you feel w/ very little sleep. I tend to get 5-6 hours a night normally. Some days, I’ll get 7, but rarely (like once a month or less sometimes,) 8 hours of sleep. And yet I still manage to be a semi-sociable person. I could get to sleep much earlier, but. There is just SOO MUCH STUFF To read, so I end up staying up to read. Aaand I just gave a little mini-rant. *Siiigh* WELL, thanks for the chapter, dude.


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