WSU Volume 2 Chapter 5

So I forgot to post chapters…so now there’s gonna be three today!

Here’s the first: Chapter 5 edited by Skoll and Potatos

P.S. I got new editors…let’s see if the quality actually goes up lol


47 thoughts on “WSU Volume 2 Chapter 5

  1. Well… For most people it’ll be undetectable if it improved or not… Or I’m just underestimating the amount of people that hold it in and keep reading broken texts…
    Also: Hello to both of them, oh and to you


          1. There are worse. As long as the person I’m selfishly pushing my hopes onto isn’t at that ‘worse’ stage, I don’t mind. But as I said, most people wouldn’t notice or just skip past it.


              1. Well, I’m reading stuff, calming my mind down a bit at midnight and have a conversation partner. Not much more I could wish for a relaxing moment. (Except the whole IRL thing but it’s the internet etc etc yada yada yada)


                    1. Aah. Haven’t watched it… Haven’t watched anything in episodes for… almost 2 years now? The last thing animated I watched was The Darkest Nightmare (20th Conan movie)


                    2. Though I haven’t watched it, I’ve heard of it. Yuri, when I first thought of it, I thought they mistranslated it from Yurij… But then threads popped up about how Yuri in the name is opposite of what happens in it (Yaoi (possibly an over-exaggeration of Shounen Ai)) so I’d probably will stay away from it


                    3. *sighs* Fujoshi… Ruining the world… Even worse, if you ever come in touch with another world, that entire world becomes corrupt… (Proof? Any novel with Fujoshi and Yaoi mentioned in it. JSDF, can’t stop being jobless, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera)


                    4. Eh?… Somehow I feel like some people need to get their priorities straight and donate to your legible translations instead of some of those shyte MTLs that request money… (Though, I can’t complain too hard, since I haven’t donated to anyone at all)


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